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1/22/14: The Forest, Not the Trees
The biggest thing I've been trying to get people to see, to pretty much no avail, is the big picture when it comes to how Terrell Owens's image was formed. Addressing all of the random myths and distortions against him is not only time consuming, but it inevitably leads to the, "you've got an excuse for everything" retort. Going head to head with the onslaught of myths, distortions, and individual fabrications (numerous times I have seen such individual fan fabrications as, "Owens got Jerry Rice traded and threw Steve Young under the bus!")...well, it's a losing game plan. [MORE...]
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Posted on Jan 22 2014 by Jordan Taber
7/27/13: Who's Exaggerating Here?
If you ever start to doubt the validity of my argument that the media has completely warped the minds of susceptible lay people everywhere when it comes to the subject of Terrell Owens, here's something you can do to remind you of why I relentlessly champion this cause.

Google, "Terrell Owens sociopath." Take a look at what comes up. Here's something amusing I found just now... [More...]
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Posted on Jul 27 2013 by Jordan Taber
6/13/13: Sideline Tantrums
Here's a quick list of some sideline tantrums throughout history that made the news. Of course, none of these were 1% as publicized as Terrell Owens's alleged "tantrums," but these were vivid enough to at least deserve mention in the press. Obviously, there are countless others throughout the course of history that were never picked up on camera, since they transpire on virtually every sideline, every week. [More...]
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Posted on Jun 13 2013 by Jordan Taber
6/10/13: Ryan Michael: Exposing Pro Football Talk's Inaccurate Reporting of Terrell Owens Throughout the Years
After spending years fabricating headlines, personifying sensationalism and using another man's name to butter their bread, a recent cry of journalistic accuracy has created a need to set the record straight. [More...]
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Posted on Jun 10 2013 by Jordan Taber

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